Buenos Aires, April 2023

LATAM | 9th edition

Let’s journey back in time to the unforgettable thrills of the Emotions Buenos Aires Show 2023.Together, we’ve built a community that flourishes through positive energy and shared emotions, your presence is a source of inspiration and joy for us.

A little throwback to our unforgettable exploration of Buenos Aires with Emotions Travel Show. Looking back, we're still in awe of every intricately planned detail. Our team was there every step of the way, pouring their heart and soul into bringing the vibrant spirit of Emotions to life.

That moment of the year’ when we raise all our emotions. Because a few things in life are better explained with memories. If you didn’t have the chance to join our travel show there are some memories here you shouldn’t miss!

stay connected & feel again all the
emotions from the show

4 days To discover, unearth and experience our destintations
40 One to one pre-scheduled appointments
night & day 3 dazzling and vibrant
night & days events

Every encounter with you has these amazing vibes, energy, and smiles that drive us the illusion to move forward and bring some news for 2024 but Seville first.As emotions surge, we bid a fond farewell to Emotions Seville 2023. The event epitomized the strength of connection and collaboration. Our heartfelt appreciation extends to all the exhibitors and buyers who breathed life into this extraordinary journey, infusing us with joy and inspiration.

Our hearts overflow with an array of emotions, and we eagerly anticipate our paths crossing again in Buenos Aires, Seville, or any corner of the world. Until then, let the connections forged here continue to flourish.

2nd & 3rd DAY PRIVATE EVENTs AT faena arts center | >

The farewell cocktail at Faena Arts Center after one of the greatest shows we have ever created in Buenos Aires. Everything was possible because of the great energy all of you bring to the event and the caring of the team.

< | 1st DAY PRIVATE EVENT AT Palacio Duhau

Welcome Party - it’s always special to receive friends from all around the world to show them the hidden gems of LATAM.We have the opportunity to see between us the greatest champion Tango dancer Mora Godoy and paring awesome food and drinks at the amazing Palacio Duhau.

< 4 JUNE 2023 >

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